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Will Cain of Fox & Friends Hangs with C&B

1 Apr 2022

CLAY: You might find yourself turning on Fox News and see this guy as start off your gaze on Saturday and Sunday. He is Will Cain. He’ll be there with you watching on Fox News suspect and, Will, I’ll start you off here. It’s Final Four weekend, and we predicted it. I don’t know if we talk about this on the air — I don’t think we have — Buck Sexton had never filled out an NCAA tournament bracket in his life. I don’t know how that’s possible, by the way, given that he knew you —

WILL: (laughing)

CLAY: — and at some point in time I would have thought you would have set up some sort of raffle at The Blaze back in the day. But somehow, we had never had Buck fill out a bracket. It looks like he’s going to win the bracket challenge. He has Villanova.


BUCK: Oh, yes.

CLAY: Which is always the way it goes, right?

WILL: It is always the way it goes. Hey, Buck, how did you make it to this point in your life? Because I think it would have taken a proactive effort to avoid filling out a bracket. How did you go this long?

BUCK: You guys have to understand something. There’s America and then there’s growing up in New York City. College basketball in New York City is a… Everyone here just cares about… Like, I grew up watching the Knicks and the Bulls and all that. College basketball in New York City is a fraction of the interest that it is elsewhere because what are the teams, generally, in New York that people would get excited about?

WILL: Seton Hall, St. John’s. Back in the day, these were New York’s teams. New York City, that’s the thing — and I’m sure this is exactly what you want to talk about on Clay and Buck today. But this is supposed to be the basketball Mecca, is New York City, right? And there was a time when it felt when it felt like college basketball was also part of that.

Now, I’ll grant you, there’s been a fall from grace collegiately and professionally in New York City as the basketball Mecca. But I don’t know, man! Even your high school, right? I don’t know. I can’t remember which high school you went to, but I just think amateur basketball would have been a thing that wrapped you up in the bracket.

BUCK: No, it was big. My high school, Regis. Dr. Fauci by the way… This is true. This is not a joke.

CLAY: He played on the team! Yeah.

BUCK: He was the captain of the Regis team. He’s five-seven.

WILL: (laughing) Says something right there, right.

CLAY: Will, by the way… So, yeah, Buck has managed to avoid that. But we have been having fun with the Woke Bracket Challenge, which it looks like it’s gonna end up Keith Olbermann versus Rex Chapman. And I think you would acknowledge now, Buck, that the sports media has totally… Like, you’ve been blown away by how liberal the sports media is just starting to do the show with me, right?

BUCK: I have to put this to Will because you guys have both worked in both sides of the media — news media, straight up doing news media stuff. Clay, obviously, on this show and, Will, you and I worked together years, years ago, and you’ve both been… Will, you were at ESPN so you really know. Here’s Clay’s contention” Sports journalism is more woke and left-wing than political journalism. Do you agree with that statement?

WILL: Yes. I think so. It’s definitely more monolithic because outside of Clay and me, you really would have trouble pointing out open rebuttal to the orthodoxy of sports media. But, hey, so OutKick’s got this woke March Madness bracket. Clay, I have a little bit of a problem with it, and the problem is I think with the voters. You’ve clearly identified some of the wokest members of sports media, but here’s my contention.

I was thinking this. I think it was yesterday, I was voting in your poll. I don’t think you… I don’t think Olbermann gets to count and I don’t think Rex Chapman does. Now, here’s why. Because I don’t know that either of those — Rex maybe, but I don’t think Olbermann — is a true, indoctrinated wokester. I think Olbermann is just nuts.

I think he’s nuts, and Chapman may be as well. But you know, the Jemeles of this world believe in woke ideology as a path to power or as a path to what they consider to be social justice. Honestly, if you told me Olbermann had a bunch of racist stuff in his background whatever, I mean, I wouldn’t be blown away. He’s just nuts.

CLAY: Yeah, there’s an argument for that. We had to retire Jemele ’cause I think Jemele would win — Jemele Hill — every year if we allowed her to appear in the bracket challenge. So whenever you win the woke bracket, you’re retired, like, you get hung up in the rafters. So Keith Olbermann or Rex Chapman I think are gonna be the winners. Now, Rex is on the NCAA tournament coverage, so I think he would count. Olbermann, I do agree. Do you think so, too, Buck, that Olbermann is just bona fide insane at this point?

BUCK: I don’t even engage with him on Twitter. I kind of worry about the guy. I mean, he’s nasty. He’s not a nice person. This is well known all throughout the business. But nonetheless, you know, I mean, common human decency you just hope — you actually hope — the guy’s okay. He’s in a constant state of like frenzied rage meltdown.

WILL: Yeah, I don’t think he even lives up to the idea of woke. I think he’s just insane.

CLAY: Yeah. And I think this is one of those examples, by the way, of what happens if you don’t… What is he, like 55 or something? No family, no kids, he sits kind of on Twitter and just throws out all sorts of outlandish comments. And speaking of outlandish, by the way, Will, we were talking earlier in the show about what’s going on with Hunter Biden.

Right, and the way that all the sudden the Hunter Biden is legitimate to cover? Why do you think it’s become legitimate to cover all that. Like, New York Times is suddenly acknowledging it, Washington Post, CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, they’re all willing suddenly to talk about a laptop story that’s 18 months old.

WILL: That really is a fascinating conversation. I don’t know where you two landed on it earlier in the show. There is a school of thought out there that Joe Biden has outlived his usefulness to the Democrat Party or to the powers, the centers of power on the left and now it becomes fine to do so. Or I guess the suppression of that story has already reaped the fruits of censoring it, and that is the replacing the centers of power, getting Donald Trump out.


I would pair it with apparently is this Vanity Fair story as well that goes into the lengths to which Dr. Fauci was in coordination with Peter Daszak to suppress the origins of covid, and the first reaction I had was why is Vanity Fair doing that story? So, you know, why all the sudden what we would call the mainstream media willing to address things they called conspiracies — what — I’m tempted to stay 12 months ago?

They’re probably calling this stuff conspiracies a month ago, right? A month ago, or at the very least silent on it. I don’t think the answer, Clay, is that it’s become undeniable. I don’t think that’s the answer because it has been somewhat obvious to undeniable for quite some time so the answer to why they’re covering it now, it sounds more conspiratorial and maybe more nefarious; it’s just not as easy as, well, the truth has finally come out.

BUCK: Where do you come down, Will, ’cause we’ve been trying to do a little bit of war gaming, tea leaf reading, however somebody wants to put it. Clay is the Nostradamus of Nashville, I like to say. So we’ve been looking at this, where this heads with Joe Biden running again; if he doesn’t run again, who would be the standard-bearer, how would that play out. And also, if Hunter Biden faces criminal charges here, which I think he will just barely escape. Clay thinks he will be charged. Do you think that Joe Biden pardons or commutes the sentence of his son while his he’s president?

WILL: Well, I actually think I’m on your side, Buck, on that. I just don’t misunderstand a really good historical example of someone in this situation being held accountable. So I don’t have a lot of faith that even Joe Biden would be put in that position of having to pardon his son. I’ll believe it when I see it that there’s some real day of accountability for Hunter Biden.

And then as to what happens in the future, as to who runs, I think we have to say there’s just zero chance at this point that Joe Biden is the nominee of the Democratic Party. I think it’s zero. I don’t see any way that they can put him up, and obviously they can’t put Kamala up for president of the United States. So, I don’t know. What? Here’s the question:

How much power does a small, radical minority continue to wield? That’s it. The small, radical minority seems to drive Disney to its knees. There is no way what Disney is doing is in line with its profit line, its bottom line, the vast majority of its customer base. It’s just not. So willing to bend the knee to a small radical minority.

BUCK: Will, can I ask you on that point, just: Are you at all surprised that — ’cause it seemed like DeSantis passed this bill that bans indoctrination of children — truly children, kindergarten through third grade. The left says it’s the “don’t say gay” bill. They create this big fight. They find out that not only the American people, broadly speaking, with the bill in Florida — the residents of Florida who are Democrats by a 52% majority support it — and then and these comes out all against it and then Disney wokesters at the very top level are talking about their pansexual children.

WILL: Mmm-hmm.

BUCK: What is going on?

WILL: I can’t explain what’s going on with those employees, but I would say that Disney is just like and maybe even more to an extent every other corporation in America where they’re terrified of their employees and again terrified of that small radical minority. They’re not catering to their customer base. They’re catering to some fear of being branded something — transphobic, racist, whatever it may be — by this small percentage of their employee base.

And then beyond that, whatever voices they hear on social media. And then, therefore, to bring that back to Biden, is the Democratic Party gonna go down the same path? Are they gonna go down the path of Rashida Tlaib and AOC, which is the path to the wilderness, or when they decide or they have to move on from Joe Biden, do they get smart and go, “You know what? Maybe like a Joe Manchin type gives us our best chance at governing.”

CLAY: It’s a great question, Will, and we’ll talk about maybe when we come back and certainly it’s gonna be a conversation for months to come. Encourage everybody out there, by the way, to watch Fox & Friends with Will on Saturday, Pete Hegseth, Rachel Campos-Duffy. I think you guys will enjoy that for sure. But is there…? I think it’s gonna be Hillary, right? I mean, that’s my prediction.

WILL: Oh, boy. Nostradamus of Nashville.

CLAY: That’s my Nostradamus prediction in terms of how it’s gonna play out. But my question is, Buck — and I think this is a good one too — is there a Barack Obama who could come up and steal the nomination from Hillary even though she is the preferred candidate, right? It seemed like Hillary was gonna be the nominee in ’08, she ends up getting it yanked away from her by Obama.

Obviously Trump beats her in ’16. Is there somebody who can kind of come out of left field and be a fresh face to avoid Hillary getting the nomination in ’24? That, to me, is gonna be an intriguing question. Will, thanks, my man. Have a good weekend.

WILL: Hey, can I say I just recorded a podcast with Piers Morgan. We debate covid, masks, vaccines, gun control — and we agree on woke culture. You don’t want miss that as it drops on Monday in the Will Cain Podcast.

BUCK: Excellent.

CLAY: Awesome. Good stuff. Check that out for sure.

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