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Project Veritas Bombshell on Vaccine Side Effects

21 Sep 2021

BUCK: A Project Veritas bombshell has dropped here. James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas does a lot of undercover journalism work exposing the left in a variety of fashions. Recently, a lot of it has been left-wing media bias in places like CNN, but also now on vaccinations. Here’s what you would think:

There should be no question in any of our minds that we are told fully and completely any and all complications that arise from people taking the vaccines — talking about side effects here, right? — because how else can we as a society know? Especially given that the government is instituting mandates of all different kinds around this, how can we judge what’s a good idea and what’s not?

Put aside for a moment that I think the mandates are overreach and tyrannical. But how could we even know whether we should be for or against this if we weren’t fully given access to the data, the numbers, the reality of it? Well, Project Veritas has a federal whistleblower here going on the record about hiding of government data, essentially.

Making the claim that not everything that happens as a result of people taking this vaccine is shared in the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) database, which is why you’re supposed to have everything. Even if it’s not thoroughly vetted and verified, if there’s an actual report from a person who got vaccine, it’s supposed to go into VAERS if there is a side effect.

Here’s what this Project Veritas whistleblower says.

MARIA GONZALES: The government doesn’t want to show that the darn vaccine is full of s(bleep).

JODI O’MALLEY: Now, you got this guy in Room Four who got his second dose of vaccine on Tuesday and has been short of breath.

MARIA GONZALES: Mmm-hmm! He’s got probably myocarditis!


MARIA GONZALES: All this is bulls(bleep). Now probably myocarditis due to the vaccine.


MARIA GONZALES: But now, they are not going to blame the vaccine.

JODI O’MALLEY: Well and you know what? But he has an obligation to report that doesn’t he?

MARIA GONZALES: They are not reporting.


DEANNA PARIS: It’s a shame they are not treating people —


DEANNA PARIS: — like they’re supposed to, like they should. I think they want people to die.

JODI O’MALLEY: How many have you seen that have gotten vaccinated here?

DEANNA PARIS: That got sick from the side effects? A lot.


DEANNA PARIS: Have you seen it too?

JODI O’MALLEY: Yeah, and I’m like, “Who’s writing the VAERS reports?”

DEANNA PARIS: Nobody, because it takes over a half hour to write the damn thing.


BUCK: Clay, I think there’s plenty of reasons to ask questions about how thorough the reporting is about side effects.

CLAY: (sigh) It’s so frustrating. You heard Senator Ron Johnson with us in the last segment. We just don’t have the data. When we have to constantly be looking at Israel and we have to constantly be looking at England and presuming that their data is so much better than hours as it pertains to the vaccine.

You heard Senator Johnson say, hey, the most recent data from England — I think it was England — over 70% of the people who were dying of covid now (or “with covid,” we should always say), have been double vaccinated or at least once vaccinated. And that’s why this whole sort of brass ring that the Biden administration has been holding out for everyone is in many ways not reflective of the real data.

If we had 100% of people who were vaccinated in this country, it’s not as if covid would go away. And there’s a huge percentage of left-wingers out there who believe that if 100% of people were vaccinated, this thing would go away.

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