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Julie Kelly on the Mar-a-Lago Raid and the Gretchen Whitmer Case

12 Aug 2022

CLAY: Breaking news, Julie. I don’t even know if you have seen this. The Wall Street Journal in the last five minutes or so, 10 minutes or so, has a story up that says the FBI recovered 11 sets of classified documents in their Trump search, inventory shows, and I’m reading directly from this article. I want you guys to be aware of it because I told you I would update you as this info came down.

“The FBI took around 20 boxes of items, binders of photos, a handwritten note, and the executive grant of clemency for Mr. Trump’s ally, Roger Stone, a list of items removed from the property show. Also included in the list of information about the president of France, according to the three-page list. The list is contained in a seven-page document, also includes the warrant to search premises granted by a federal magistrate judge in Florida.”

And Trump people are already saying that the president, who does have the authority to do so, had already declassified all of these documents that have been seized by the FBI. Julie, you came on with us I think a couple weeks ago and said you were virtually certain that the federal government was gonna charge Donald Trump with a crime. Are you even more certain in the wake of the raid on Mar-a-Lago?

KELLY: Oh, I am for sure. But can I ask you to clarify? So, they did not confiscate the nuclear codes from Mar-a-Lago that Trump absconded with? Is that —

CLAY: There is — well, to be fair, the nuclear codes are not mentioned in the Wall Street Journal article here. Now, I will say there is some suggestion that some of these documents were marked top secret, but there’s no reference to the nuclear codes, which of course was what — or nuclear documents, which is what was referenced in the Wall Street Journal story that came out last night.

KELLY: Right. So, this is obviously interesting — an interesting development. As Kash Patel has pointed out numerous times, the president has the authority to declassify anything at any time before he leaves office. If that is the most explosive material that they have confiscated, it doesn’t certainly sound like anything that would threaten the nation’s security or even rise to the level of a serious crime. So, (unintelligible) information, certainly it’s interesting how it’s being pieced together, but I don’t think, if that’s it, and it’s not something more explosive, this is going to justify what Merrick Garland’s DOJ and Christopher Wray’s FBI did on Monday.

CLAY: Yeah. And, by the way, Julie, the article says that there were also agents collected top secret documents, there sets of secret documents, and three sets of confidential documents. Now, I was actually texting with Buck last night, and he was saying — and I think this is gonna come true too — they’re going to say, “Well, this is so top secret we can’t even tell you what we took.” Right?

They’re going to redact whatever information is out there and argue, “Oh, my gosh. This is so top secret we can’t even tell you what he had inside of his home.” Right? Now that would be difficult to prosecute because at some point, they would have to share those top secret documents in order to prove a crime. But just FYI, you didn’t know — I mean, that news just came down the last 10 minutes.

Shifting gears here. You are covering this Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping case, and your tweets about it today have been fascinating to reflect for people out there, refresh for people out there, they initially charged — correct me if I’m wrong, Julie — four defendants. Two of those defendants were acquitted in the initial trial, and now they are charging the two men who got a — they couldn’t reach a result, they had a mistrial, I think, they’re now trying them again. What are you seeing? Am I correct in the legal disposition there of what exactly is going on?

KELLY: There were actually six men charged with inspiring to kidnap Gretchen Whitmer. Two of those men have pleaded guilty. They are cooperating with the government. They testified during the April trial and they will testify again for the government. But, yes, you are correct, two men were acquitted. The other two men, Adam Fox, the alleged ringleader who lives in a basement of a vacuum repair shop in a Grand Rapids strip mall, the alleged ringleader, and another man, Barry Croft, are on re- — a second trial now. Even though I covered most of the first trial, the thing I’m learning in this trial, this new trial that the FBI is talking about — I call it Fednapping hoax, what the FBI did.

And, you know, the contrast played between what’s coming out in this trial what the FBI did and the admonishment by the FBI not to criticize the agency and the assurances that they are legit, you know, that they are a legit bureau and not working as an enforcement arm of the Democrat Party, these two things are colliding in real time. So, yes, I have tweets up at @julie_kelly2 if people want to check out — I call it my General Hospital. ‘Cause you really could not make up this drama that the FBI put together in 2020 to interfere in the presidential election.

CLAY: Yeah. And, Julie, the idea that the FBI is above reproach, above criticism, when you read what you are reporting is occurring inside of this courtroom, I mean, this is scandalous failure, misbehavior, and just flat-out filled with dishonesty that the FBI was involved in here.

KELLY: Well, exactly right. And what came out today is you had informants who were breaking protocol, breaking basically FBI procedures by, number one, a female informant sleeping in the same hotel bed as Barry Croft, now a defendant, also getting high with him, which, of course, is against FBI protocols. There were other informants who got high with these targets.

The FBI says, “Well, we have to let them play along,” but it’s a clear violation, as one FBI agent confessed today, these informants are not supposed to be doing this. And then you had more — you had the FBI run undercover agents into this operation as this group was starting to splinter. But this was completely manufactured by the FBI. They concocted a fake militia group and lured people into it. They created a Facebook page to lure people into that and then surveil their online activities.

They created encrypted chats. Like, this is everything that people on our side suspect about the FBI, especially now related to January 6th, it is coming out once again and even in some more detail in this new trial. I think the government is really gonna regret retrying these two men, especially in a place like western Michigan, which is deep Trump country, and with the backdrop of the Mar-a-Lago raid on Monday, you know, looming very large in this trial.

CLAY: No doubt. We have a monster audience in western Michigan that has been paying a lot of attention to this. I was just up in Michigan all of last week. Hopefully, Tudor Dixon is going to be able to beat Gretchen Whitmer. But what percentage of the stories, Julie, based on covering these trials in the media is actually been true, in your experience, now that you’ve seen what has to be said under oath compared to sort of the feverish nature with which this Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping plot story was covered in the mainstream media?

KELLY: Absolutely zero. None of it was true. In fact, an FBI agent today admitted, the defense attorney directly asked me, “Did you ever have any evidence this was a white supremacist group?” And he said, “No, I did not.” Now, I’m sure you’ll recall on the headline as people were voting in October 2020 when this whole caper, this shocker, kidnap, assassination plot was revealed, that this was it. It was a white supremacist, right-wing militia taking its orders from Donald Trump to try to assassinate and abduct — abduct and assassinate not just Gretchen Whitmer but Ralph Northam too.

That was another part of the FBI’s operation. They tried to entrap another man in Virginia to do the very same thing there that they were doing in Michigan. So, none of it is true, which, Clay, is why the media is completely ignoring it. They ignored the April trial. They’re definitely ignoring this one.

CLAY: Julie, unfortunately, there are still a ton of people who are being held for January 6th crimes in solitary. Every time we have you on, I want to give you an opportunity to share the website where people can donate for these political prisoners. And I think it’s fair to call it (loss of audio) to be able to get the best legal representation that they can. I have donated to your group. How can other people help these political prisoners who don’t have access to strong attorneys to help them?

KELLY: And, Clay, thank you for donating to that group. It was formed by the adoptive aunt of one of the detainees. And I promote it whenever I can. So, it’s PatriotFreedomProject.com, helping to pay for good lawyers and, most importantly, financially support these families who are being completely bankrupted and destroyed by this abusive, vengeful prosecution out of Merrick Garland’s Department of Justice.

CLAY: Julie, thanks so much. And, by the way, you mentioned Kash Patel. He’s gonna be on with us on this show Monday because he’s been saying for a long time even prior to this FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago that this story was — pardon the pun — Trumped up because these documents had been declassified already by Trump as a part of his presidential ability to do so.

KELLY: And this is just part of the optics, Clay, going back to what we just said, part of the optics of trying to build a public case to justify eventual criminal charges against Donald Trump. This is part of their spin. Regardless of what they found, what it’s labeled as, this is to influence the public.

CLAY: No doubt. Julie, appreciate the good work. Follow Julie on Twitter. And again, donate to that cause. We will hopefully talk to you again soon.

KELLY: I hope so. Have a great weekend, Clay. Thanks.

CLAY: Same to you.

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