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Betting Markets Favor Kari Lake to Become AZ Governor

14 Sep 2022

Checking the gambling markets can give you an insight into political races that you don’t get from polls, ‘cause people are putting their money behind it, not just checking a box for a pollster.

We’ve had Kari Lake on this show a few times, and she’s looking great in Arizona.

Likewise, Blake Masters is a very strong candidate for the Senate in that state.

He’s looking good in the betting lines, too, and in the polls.

Masters is running against Mark Kelly who was in the space program for a while and can’t talk about anything else.

He’s like John Kasich in Ohio with the “My father was a mailman” every five minutes.

Remember, Arizona is a border state, so not only are they blasted by Bidenflation…

They’re seeing the invasion across the border as this administration throws open the borders to drugs, criminals and terrorists.

Even the White House spokeswoman’s binder can’t ignore it anymore.

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